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Posted by on Dec 8, 2014 in guides | 0 comments

“Wildstar” exposure “new war base” system

April 18th news, studio Carbine recently released the “Wild Planet” the latest batch of screenshots and videos, the exposure of the game in the “war base” (Warplots) system.

“War base” is the game of a mobile air military fortress, players can build and collect resources to strengthen, and then to convene a comrade in arms open up to 40 people to 40 people PVP war, powerful enemies can also help oneself and to destroy the dungeon. In short, here brought together the most powerful in the game equipment and killing machine.

This is the Carbine studio debut, the development time for more than 5 years, is scheduled to be listed on the official operation in June 3rd. The game takes place on a planet called Nexus, lived here known as racial Eldan super civilization. As a declining with high-tech civilization heritage of the planet, attracted the whole universe adventurers to the exploration. The game offers “exile” and “dominion” two opposing camps, as well as eight races and six career.