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Posted by on Jan 18, 2015 in guides | 0 comments

The Wind Canyon In World Of Warcraft

Fighting intensified between the horde and alliance, the two camps are hoping to fertile pan Dali harvest in his bag. In four winds down, the new battleground wind canyon victory will does not depend on how many enemies fall on your sword, but how many you can get the achat wow po. Wind in the deep valley, located in kunming, the mountain peak time sent the training ground – rests arena will test anyone who dared to enter them.

In the 90 level 15 vs15 battlefield, the horde and alliance players will start from both sides of the map, to compete for control of three gold mine. acheter wow deposit is located in the northern, central, and south of map.

Good defense is always the key to victory, and especially in the deep valley wind. Each base has a car. If stolen, will be deducted from your total 200 gold. If you put the car back to back and it can recover lost gold. But as soon as rob harvesters success; The enemy will get extra 200 gold. One or two vehicles stolen car is likely to reverse fighting at key moments; Will be the day immediately into a victory.