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Posted by on May 14, 2015 in guides | 0 comments

The Elder Scrolls Online and Diablo 3 and titanium case dominate the Top 20


Role-playing games dominate the top 20 sales charts of Saturn, because not only is The Elder Scrolls Online could push to the top of the charts, beyond the hack’n’slay classic Diablo 3 reserved the same places two to three. Only then can a triad of shooter heavyweights conquer their ranks.
The electronics retailer Saturn has released its top 20 best selling PC games of the last month. Although the list shows only the sales of a retailer and the above does not constitute an overall picture of the games sales representative in Germany, a trend can be seen in any case. So, the first place of the charts Saturn is clear to The Elder Scrolls Online, the smooth start of MMOs seems many players of Bethesda’s new RPG to have convinced.
Meanwhile, already a regular in the Top 20, however, is Diablo 3, which still holds with the extension Reaper of Souls and the second with the original game for third place. The two shooters titanium case and Battlefield 4 must be content with fourth and fifth place the other hand, in sixth place, with Call of Duty Ghosts very next action title represented. March dominate so clearly the role of games in the Saturn charts play shooter this time only second fiddle.
Saturn Top 20 at a glance:
1 The Elder Scrolls Online
2 Diablo 3 – Reaper of Souls
3 Diablo 3
4 titanium case
5 Battlefield 4
6 Call of Duty Ghosts
7 The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition
8 Battlefield 4 (incl. China Rising DLC)
9 Age of Wonders 3
10 FIFA 14
FIFA Manager 11 14
12 THE SIMS 3 – Starter Set
13 Sim City
14 ARMA 3
15 THE SIMS 3 Iceland Paradise
16 Skyrim (Legendary Edition)
17 South Park – The rod of truth
18 THE SIMS 3 Easy Beastly
19 THE SIMS 3 Into the Future Limited Edition
20 Diablo 3 – Reaper of Souls (CE)