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Posted by on May 23, 2015 in guides | 0 comments

Cheap WOW Gold Trade through Auction House

You may wonder how does WOW gold trade through Auction house works? Today, I’d like to tell you something that I know about the auction house trade. So you can consider if you need to take this way for wow gold trade.

They’re usually three ways of Wow gold trade. First, face to face trade, this is the mostly used way when people buy wow gold. The advantages of face o face trade is instant, fast and safe. You just need to wait in game when you made the order, the delivery guys will meet you in game for trade soon face to face. You’ll get the wow gold instantly. It’s recommend to use this way for trade. However, this is not the safest and most guaranteed way to trade.
The second way for trade is through Auction house. This is a very flexible way for trade. You don’t have to stay online to wait if gold sites don’t have wow gold in stock on your server. You just need to login your the character which you pointed to receive the gold in order and then go to create an auction item, but make sure you make it buyout price and gold amount is what you bought. Also, don’t forget to make it 48hrs for sale. Any junk items is okay, when auction created, make sure to offer the exactly name of the item to site operators, so they can make a note on your order. When the wow gold stores get restocked on your server, they’ll buy it and the gold will be mailed to your character after they bought it . This is the safest way to trade so far and it’s very flexible. The disadvantage is not instant, you still have to wait 1hr before gold mailed to your character even the delivery guy bought your items instantly.
The third way of wow gold trade is in game mail, but we strongly not recommend for this way. Cuz blizzard is able to monitoring the gold mails betweens players and it’s really not safe. You may still able to see many cheap wow gold websites still offer this method, but they don’t really use it for trade, cuz it’s not safe and guaranteed. So now you could understand why they don’t. Buy wow boe items in game mail is 100% safe. So you can choose in game mail if you buy wow boe items from websites.