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Posted by on Jun 28, 2015 in guides | 0 comments

What is Runescape

Speaking of the 90 we remember surely all the output of UO MMORPG as though it was the only game to see the light at the time. In 99 for a week Runescape was open to the public, and then be immediately closed again. In 2001, the game finally opens its doors.
What is Runescape?
Located in the medieval fantasy world of Gielinor, Runescape is a MMORPG broswer in 3d on java. In this universe you can learn new skills, complete many quests, kill unclean beasts, and so on. Managed and created by the British company Jagex with more than 130 million accounts created, including 6,000,000 active members (of which one million paying members), RuneScape has confirmed, for two consecutive years, the most popular MMORPG free browser to world. I would speak anyway freemium as different skills are reserved only for the members p2p.
There are plenty of servers in the world with areas where you can zergare, other where you can only duel 1v1 and so on, all works areas, plus one enters into Wildernes and more where you have to face the risk increases.
Why try?
Numbers aside Runescape is the classic game-boomerang, as well as WoW and OU has managed to retain many users who can not help but come back after a break. At first glance I was very impressed, I seemed to have discovered another galaxy with a habitable planet similar to Last. Unfortunately in recent years have radically changed the combat and have lost most loyal users who have called the update “End of Combat”, now seems to have opened the parallel servers where you can still play with the old combat, fortunately.
If at this time you do not have anything in my hands I recommend, therefore, give it a go, even for the sake. I gave up a few years ago just outside the EOC, now maybe I could come back to give us a jump. A few months ago he also got his first and new expansion: The Lost City of the Elves.