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Posted by on Jun 28, 2015 in guides | 0 comments

Free Runescape Quest The Knight’s Sword

Quest 1 pts
Smithing Xp.
Item Needed:
Blurite (you get it in the quest)
Redberry foot (Get Flour and Jug of Water, the water used in the flour and choose to make Pastry Dough. Promote cake batter into a dish and then add the Pie Redberries in the “pie”, then cooking cherry pie in an oven).
2 Iron bar (Iron Mine, Iron melts in a blast furnace, but the likelihood of you get a Iron bar is 50%).
Picture of the Knights sword (you get it in the quest)
1. Speaks Squire is located on the first floor of the fortress of the White Knights of Falador, in the center of Falador. Seller will send to the Varrock Castle. The library is in the North of the castle ( Photo ). Talk to Reldo ( Photo ).
Two. Go talk to the Thurgood dwarf, which lies west of Portsarim (General pirate cave). Ask him if he wants a ‘redberry pie “(” Would you like some redberry pie? “) And dal foot.
Three. enters the cave this side and even go to the area of mining and mine “Blurite” You teleport to Falador.
April. sees room “Sir Vyvin” in one of the upper floors of Falador Castle. When “Sir Vyvin” leave the room, saw the poerta so you can not see you and give the cabinet right click and click “search”, you will get the “Picture of the Knights sword.” Note: if “Sir Vyvin” is in the fourth tedejara not check the closet.
May. When you have the picture of the sword, you go to the box and give Thurgood, 2 Iron bars and Blurite. We will manufacture blurite sword.
6. Bring the sword to Squire and reward you for your work.