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Posted by on Sep 16, 2015 in guides | 0 comments

Gameforge’s CEO: “Asian Games is to be very interesting.”

The herd of shoveltusk huddled together for warmth, their thick, shaggy coats protecting them from the worst of the storm. They formed a circle, with the calves shivering and bleating in the center. Their heads, each crowned with a massive antler, drooped toward the snow- covered earth, eyes shut against the whirling snow. Their own breath frosted their muzzles as they planted themselves and endured.

Gameforge is not winning many friends these days, especially in Europe TERA fans. Regardless of the company’s controversial decision, CEO Carsten van Husen still optimistic free-to-play model, revealed in a speech he gave developers Beirut partially transcribed

Van Husen is firmly opposed to free-to-play when he investigated the publishing company Imil entertainment Metin 2 back in 2006. Since then, he learned a lot about F2P market, it is a strong advocate of the model. He commented: “Quality is the only answer,” and “the game must just be fun” Perhaps some naive – good games often sell bad, bad game to bring the dough scad – but he did have on a number of other useful lessons F2P business model:

“If a series of bad shooter came out, no one would say that the whole FPS type is worthless, so if a series of stupid money out of free-to-play games, you can not say that this game is presented in a way no value. ”
For those getting money from their players around the base less than 1% of the design of mobile games: “I do not know how you make a reasonable approach which is a lottery, I think..”
Speaking Gameforge’s imprint: war Raios, which is the leading mobile platform core headline: “This is a high-risk, potentially high-return, however, especially in the Tablet PC, there is a core of the game has not yet been met demand. ”
If you TERA … or Aion fans …… or rune magic …… or RaiderZ …… In the EU, it might pain you to see the Gam eforge doing well. The company seems to be economically successful, and has planned a certain level makes sense, even though it is not always the needs and expectations of gamers consistent.